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Location: Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh).
Nearest Town: 1887
Significance: Finest Anglican Church in Asia
Altitude: Gothic Style

William Emerson designed the Cathedral church of All Saint's at Allahabad in 1870’s, but it was consecrarted only in 1887 A.D.. The church, which has been described as the finest Anglican Cathedral in Asia is faced in white stone from Surajpur with red stone dressings. Built in stages, this Cathedral had Messrs Frizzoni and Co. and Messrs Martin and Co. as the chief builders.

The total cost came to over Rs. 6,00,000. No one visiting the cathedral can fail to be impressed by the beauty of the marble altar with intricate inlay and mosaic work. The central panel represents the crucification with figures of virgin Mary and St. John at the base. The other figures are St. Mathew, St. Mark, St.Luke and the two martyrs. Following the 13th century Gothic style, this cathedral is a remarkable example of colonial architecture of that era.

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