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Location: 19 Km From Meerut
Built By: Begam Samru
Designed By: Anthony Reghelini
Total Cost for Building: 4 lakhs

19 kms. north-west of Meerut lies the fascinating town of Sardhana with a romantic and historically significant past. In the late 18th century, the french adventurer Walter Reinhardt came to India and soon became popular as ‘Samru’.
Sardhana -  A Subtle Mixture of Architectural Styles, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
He received Sardhana from Najaf Khan of Delhi for successfully supporting his troops and in 1773, the principality of Sardhana was formally established. After his death in 1778, he was succeeded by his formidable widow Begum Samru, who converted to Roman Catholic Faith in 1781.
The Roman Catholic Church she built in Sardhana is an imposing structure that exhibits the subtle mixture of architectural styles. Designed by the Italian architect Anthony Reghelini, this church cost Rs. 4 lakhs in 1822, which was truly astronomical at that time. Two huge lakes near the church are the result of the mud that was removed to supply the building materials for the church

Facing the west, this church has its entrance from the north side. The verandah is lined by 18 Doric pillars. At the back side rises two lofty spires, and the steeple an the left has two large bells. The octagonal lantern above the central dome is made up of finely chiselled and perforated slates and capped with black and white marble. This reflects an obvious Muslim architectural influence. On the top of the three domes and two spires, there are heavily glided metal balls surmounted by metal crosses.

The roof of the church is at different levels giving it a beauty all of its own. The main Altar is of white marble brought from Jaipur. It is tastefully inlaid with a floral design of semi precious stones. The altar steps and santuary floor is of black and white marble. Above the niche is the statue of Mother Mary to whom the church was dedicated.

On either side of the santuary there are two long wings- the left wing has the famous monument over the tomb of the Begum. This eighteen feet carrara marble monument consists of eleven life size figures and three panels in bas-relief. Right on top, the Begum sits In state dressed in Muslim style. Immediately below her stands four figures- David Dyce Samru, Innayat-ullah, Diwan Rae Singh and Julius Ceasar Scotti Six symbolic figures stand right below representing fearlessness, wisdom, fulfilment, prosperity that prevailed during the tenure of the Begum. The beauty and fame of the Sardhana church was enhanced when the sacred image of Lady of Graces was enshrined in 1957. The church was further honoured when Pope John XXIII designed to raise it to the dignity of Minor Basilica, in 1961.

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