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Venue: Kampil At Etah (Uttar Pradesh)
Significance: Jain Mela
In The Months Of: March

Kampilya called Kampil today, is a village in Tehsil Kasganj of Etah district, situated on the banks of the Ganga. During the epic period it was the capital of king Drupad, the father of the queen Draupadi, wife of the five Pandavas of Mahabharat fame. It was the birthplace of the 13th Tirthankar, Brahlan Vimal Nath and was graced by the visit of lord Mahavira.

Every year a Jain mela is held for five days in the month of March thronged by Jain devouts. The neighbouring ruins and mounds contain the relics and sculptures of Jain period.

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