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Location: Uttar Pradesh
Significance: The Capital Of 'Vatsa Janpad' Ruled By King Udyana.
Attractions: Archaeological Site

Located 51 kms from Allahabad, Kaushambi was the capital of 'Vatsa Janpad' ruled by King Udyana, during the time of Buddha. The ruins of an ancient fort stand testimony to its antiquity.
Kaushambi -  A Famous Archeological Site, Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh
It was when Lord Buddha visited this city that Kaushambi attained true prominence. He came in the 6th and 9th year, after his enlightenment and delivered several sermons, elevating it to a centre of learning for Buddhists.

Kaushambi is attributed to the Pandavas and their descendant, king Parikshit. A wealthy merchant of the city is said to have built the monastery of Ghositarama. Referred to as a flourishing city in the 6th century in the early texts of the buddhists, Kausambi was situated on the banks of river Yamuna.

Archaeological Importance
A large number of architectural and sculptural remains, terracotta figurines and other relics reflect the high aesthetic and technical advancement of the people of Kaushambi. All the Buddhist structures are now in ruins.

The main stupa,once an imposing structure dates back to the 5th century B.C. It was 25m in diametre and 25m tall. There were lesser stupas strewn around the main stupa. Besides these, there are some remnants of monasteries and shrine-rooms.

A large number of architectural relics and ruins, sculptures and figurines, coins and other finds highlight the importance that the city held for devout, in the past. The site also yielded a large number of punch marked and cast coins along with unique terracotta sculptures, which can be viewed in the Allahabad Museum.


Air: There is no direct air connection.

Rail: The nearest rail terminus is at Allahabad.

Road: Buses and taxis are available for reaching Kaushambi.


As Kaushambhi is catching up in the Buddhist Circuit itineraries, there have some good developments as far as accommodation facilities within the city are concerned. Still for more and better options, Allahabad is the best option, varying from luxurious to economic hotels.


Tourist Office 35, M.G. Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad


Allahabad: 51-km
Chitrakoot: 132-km
Kalinjar: 150-km

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