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Location: Right Bank River Alaknanda
Altitude: 3,133 mt. Above Sea-Level
Dedicated To: Lord Vishnu
Built In: 8th Century A.D

Shopping Specialities

  • Marble & Alabaster products
  • Glass beads, bangles
  • Milk Based Sweets

Marble Work: Vrindavan is famous for marble and alabaster products. Some objects are embossed with semi-precious stones or synthetic gems.

Glass Bangles: Heading through the network of narrow streets that start from Vishram Ghat leads to a row of bangle shops in the Radha Dhiraj Bazaar. Mathura is noted for lovely glass beads, stringing glass and wooden beads in necklaces together with Rudraksha (sacred seeds associated with Lord Shiva) and Tulsi (basil) in a variety of interesting combinations.

Milk Based-Sweets: Mathura, the land of cows, is famed for its milk-based sweetmeats. A variety of mouth-watering savouries, especially ‘peda’ are a well-known specialty of the town.

Boat Rides:
Boats for river excursions can be rented at the Vishram ghat.

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