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Location: Right Bank River Alaknanda
Altitude: 3,133 mt. Above Sea-Level
Dedicated To: Lord Vishnu
Built In: 8th Century A.D

Monuments Of Mathura-Vrindavan
Kusuma Sarovara - is a 460-feet-long lake with the platforms going out 60 feet into the water. A 25-minute walk from Radha Kunda, it is the best swimming spot in Braja. Legend has it that the gopis would pick flowers from here for Krishna. After going to Radha Kunda one can spend a relaxing hour here. It is a peaceful place, which not many people visit.The ghatas at this kunda were built by Jawahir Singh around 1764.

Manasi Ganga Kunda - is traditionally the starting and the end point of the circumambulation of Govardhana Hill. In the Mathura-Mahatmya it is recommended that one bathe in Manasi Ganga and then take darshan of Hrideva. This kunda is considered a million times more potent than the Ganges River, because by bathing in the Ganges River one gets liberation and by bathing here one achieves "Krishna prema," love of Krishna.

25 Tirthas (Ghats) - There are 25 holy tirthas (bathing places or ghatas) in Mathura. Visram Ghata is in the middle and there are 12 more south of Visrama Ghata and 12 ghatas north. Those in the south extend to Moksa Ghata. Some pilgrims take bath in all 25 tirthas before beginning Braja Mandala parikrama. Asi Ghata, Prayaga Ghata, Chakra Tirtha Ghata, Krishna Ganga, Dhruva Ghata and Visrama Ghata are still known by the same names.

Vrindavan Forest - It is the 12th forest of Braja Mandala and is considered the most auspicious. Covering an area of extends 57 km, It extends from the present city of Vrindavana to Nandagram and Varsana on one side and to Govardhana on the other. The favourite forest of Lord Krishna, was here that He would play His transcendental flute, thus calling all the beautiful gopis to come and enjoy the wonderful rasa-lila, the divine dance of love. The rasa-mandala (place of the rasa dance) has a parameter of 16 km (9 miles). It is a semicircle, with the Yamuna flowing on one side. Within this forest is Radha Kunda.

Vishram Ghat - Mathura, Uttar Pradesh"In Braja the land is divided into various vanas (forests). The forests total twelve, and their extension is estimated to be 84 krosas (168 miles). Of these, the special forest known as Vrindavana is located from the present municipal city of Vrindavana to the village called Nandagram." (Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya 21.29 purport)

Lake Of Tears Or Mansarovar - is a rare wetland grove and bird sanctuary, roughly 5 acres in size, a few miles across the Yamuna River from Vrindavan. Local tradition has it that the lake was formed from the tears of Radha when she feared she had lost Krishna. A solitary image of her is worshipped in a small shrine beside the lake. An atmosphere of desolation among the surrounding aged bowers heightens the remote beauty of this place. Pilgrims throng here throughout the spring and autumn seasons. But the real visitors to Manasarovar are the birds. Crowds of waterfowl and heron, the Sarus Crane, a bird revered in Braj, visit this place.

Government Museum - The rich treasure of antiquarian values unearthed by Cunnigham, Growse, Fuhrer and others formed the nucleus of this museum.

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