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Location: North Western Himalayan Region
Capital: Dehradun
Languages Spoken: Garhwali, Kumaoni
Best Time To Visit: October To June

Gardens---Paradise of Uttranchal Valley
The state of Uttranchal is abode of some of the world's picturesque, exquisite garden splendor. Gardens have been one of the important traits in the urban landscape of Uttranchal. Normally the gardens in the valley are associated with major buildings, monuments, temples and campuses. The traditional and antique construction of the gardens also includes a geometric layout.

The Uttranchal Valley is distinguished from the plane regions of the Indian sub-continent, as it treasures the vast green tracts chiefly stocked with Sal trees. Sal trees and coniferous trees are predominant in the entire region of Uttranchal. Mainly the deciduous trees of uneven size grow on higher altitude regions where as, the lower regions are strewed with bamboo, creepers and evergreen shrubs, giving the whole environs a breathtaking view. Other green growths are Sal, Ber, Gular, Jhingal, Palas, Mahua, Semal, Dhak, Amla and Jamun.

The gardens of Uttranchal are the real hang out zones for the tourist and local, showcasing some of the splendid views-- majestic snowcapped mountains, beautiful sunset point, pristine blue lakes and lot more.


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