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Location: Mount Trishul (Uttranchal )
Altiutde: 5029m approximately
Known As: Mysterious Lake
Significance: Trekking Route

The Mysterious Lake
Roop Kund, Uttranchal  The high mountain lake of Roop Kund lies in the lap of mount Trishul. Situated at a height of 5029 m, the lake is the destination of the Raj Jat Yatra, a pilgrimage from the village of Nauti, led by a ram. This procession is held every 12 years. Roop kund is a famous trekking destination, that is a must on every trekker’s itinerary.

Roopkund is often called the ‘mysterious lake’ as the mystery underneath it, starts unfolding when the ice on its surface begins to melt during the short summer period. The lake presents a grisly sight in the summers, as around three hundred human skeletons, thought to be more than 600 years old, can be seen in the waters of the lake.

There are two versions of these remains. According to one belief, they are the remains of the soldiers under General Jorawar’s army, who were on their way to conquer Tibet. But they probably belonged to a group of royal pilgrims caught in bad weather, while making a pilgrimage to Trishul base about 200 years ago.

The snow covered lake, surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad peaks is a magnificent sight. There are two important trekking routes to Roopkund, for one, the starting point for the trek is Tharali and the other starts from the Ghat.

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