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Location: Uttranchal
Famous For: Remains of Ancient Temples, Sculptures
Dates Back To: 5th century

Lakhamandal is situated on a hill slope along the bank of the yamuna in district Dehradun. It is a site rich in ancient remains of temples, sculptures and insriptions, some dating from as early as fifth century A.D.

The only temple in good preservation is the large Shiva temple which comprises of a 'triratha sanctum' with a heavy-shouldered five-storeyed 'rekha-sikhara' preceded by an urly modern hall and porch, standing in a large flagged court.

It has developed 'vedibandha' with the mouldings of khura-kumbha, kalasa, and kapotapali, surmounted by jangha with niches on all rathas capped by handsome udgamas. The bhandra niches, now empty, are framed by ornate ruchaka pilasters and crowned by udgamas bearing figures or heads of shiva.

The sikhara is squat and ponderous and is sparsely ornamented with gavakshas and half-gavakshas and thin, square bhumi-amalakas. Details of its crowning members are hidden by a modern protective wooden canopy.

The sanctum enshrines a sivalinga and is entered from a doorway of three sakhas carved with scrolls, frolicsome ganas topped by matrikas, and bevelled scrolls. The lalata displays figure of lakulisa while the jambs bear at the base river goddesses and saiva door-guardians. On the basis of sculptural and architectural style the temple is assignable to C.A.D. 750.

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