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Location: Nainital (Uttranchal )
Symbolises: The Eyes of Goddess Sati
Significance: Hindu Pilgrimage Centre
Nearby Attraction: Nainital Boat Club

The attractive lake of Nainital is said to be the eyes of Sati, wife of Lord Shiva. Sati had jumped into the sacrificial fire to escape the humiliation of her husband by her father, King Daksh.

To mourn the death of his beloved wife, Shiva carried her mortal remains across the country. The parts of her body fell at various places which today are sacred places of worship for Hindus.

It is said that the shimmering green waters of the Naini lake is a reflection of the emerald green eye of Sati. 'Naina' means eyes which symbolizes the eyes of Sati. On the northern side of the lake is built a temple dedicated to Sati and is called the Naina Devi temple.

Near the temple is the Tibetan market which sells many interesting items. The Nainital Boat Club is a popular tourist attraction. Many of our film directors have captured the lake for song sequences.

The sunset over the lake is an amazing sight. The reflection of the surrounding mountains in the lake creates a image which is indescribably beautiful.

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