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Location: 14 kms. Trek From Gaurikund
Altitude: 3,581 mt.
Dedicated To: Lord Shiva
Built In: 8th Century AD

Rukrapur - Kedarnath, Uttranchal The face of Lord Shiva is worshipped at the Rudranath temple, at an elevation of 2,286 mt above sea-level and is 23 km from Gopeshwar. 5 km of the distance is motorable and the rest 18 km has to be trekked. The trek passes through wild orchards and picturesque bugyals and involves trekking over high ridges (some times 4,000 mt). The temple site provides magnificent views of Hathi Parvat, Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghungti, Trishuli and many other peaks. There are a number of holy kund near Rudranath temple namely - Suryakund, Chandrakund, Tarakund etc. The entire area is utterly enchanting and unmatched in scenic beauty. Anusuya Devi temple is located on the trek to Rudranath involving an additional trek of 3 km.

The more hardy tourist may like to trek about 35 km to Kalpeshwar, where the locks (hair) with head, of Lord Shiva are worshipped. Located in Urgam Valley at an altitude of 2,134 mt above sea-level, the temple is a further 10 km trek from Rudranath to Helong, the motor head on Rishikesh- Badrinath route.

The Chandrashila peak provides a rare panoramic view of innumerable snow-clad peaks. The trek from Tungnath passes through forests of rhododendron and alpine meadows.

Deoria Tal

At an altitude of 2,440 mt, the beautiful lake of Deoria Tal is located on the Chopta - Ukhimath motor road about 3 km away from Sari. Another trek is from Ukhimath.

In the early morning, the snowcapped peaks, including Chaukhamba and Kedamath are clearly reflected on the lake waters. This lake also provides an excellent venue for angling, as well as birdwatching.


Area : 3sq. km Rainfall : 1475 mm.
Climate Best Season : May to October
Months : Max. Temp. Min. Temp. Clothing
April : 5°c 0°c May : Heavy woollens
May : 14°c 5.7°c June to Sep. : Light woollens
June : 18°c 9°c Oct. to Nov. : Heavy woollens
July : 17. 5°c Languages : Hindi, Garhwali and English.
August : 17.8° c 10.5°c
September : 15°c 8°c
October : 12°c 5°c
November : 4°c 0°c
Dec.-Mar. : Snow Bound


Air - Jolly grant (Dehradunl239 km away from Kedamath of which 225 km is by road and rest 14 km ison foot.
Rail- Railhead at Rishikesh, 221 km away of which 207 km is by road and the rest 14 km is on foot. Railhead at Kotdwara, 250 km away, of which 236 km is by road and rest 14 km is on foot.
Road - Kedarnath is approachable on foot from Gaurikund, which is connected by road with rishikesh, Kotdwara, Dehradun, Haridwar and other important hill stations of Garhwai and Kumaon Hills.
Bus -This service is available at Rishikesh, Haridwar and Kotdwara for Gaurikund. During Yatra season, some special Yatra services are also arranged to Gaurikund.

Distance from Rishikesh to Kedamath 223 km, via Deoprayag 70 km, Shrinagar 35 km, Rudraprayag 34 km, Tilwara 9 km, AQastyamuni 10 km, Kund 15 km, Guptkashi 5 km, Fata 1 1 km, Rampur 9 km, Sonprayag 3 km Gaurikund 5 km, Rambara 7 km, Garurchatti 4 km, Sri Kedarnath 3 km.

Transport : Buses, private taxies and other lightvehicles also ply between Rishikesh and Gaurikund-Badrinath and back. The charges are not fixed. Horses, Dandies and Ponies are available at Gaurikund for going and carrying luggage to Kedarnath.


  1. Arti Bhawan
  2. Bitko Cottage
  3. Janata Dharamshala
  4. Kali Kamli Dharamshala
  5. Gujarat Bhawan
  6. Nepali D
  7. J.K. Griha Dharamshala
  8. Bhajan Ashram
  1. Bharat Sewa Ashram
  2. Bombay Bhawan
  3. Madras Bhawan
  4. Travellers Lodge
  5. Saraf Cottage
  6. Chand Cottage
  7. Modi Bhawan
  8. Birla Bhawan

Festivals Of Kedarnath :
  1. Makar Sankranti (Jan.)
  2. Basant Panchmi (Jan-Feb)
  3. Nandasthmi (Feb)
  4. Holi (Mar)
  5. Baisakhi (Mar)
  6. Shivaratri (Apr.)
  7. Rakshabandhan (Aug)
  8. Mata Murti (Sep.)
  9. Lekhpal (Sep.)
  10. Janamashtami (Aug-Sep.)
  11. Dusshera (Oct)
  12. Dipawali (Nov)

Fairs Of Kedarnath :
  1. Nagnath (Feb)
  2. Sardotsava, Joshimath (Feb.)
  3. Sardotsava Chamoli, Gopeshwar (Feb-Mar.)
  4. Shivaratri, Gopeshwar (Feb-Mar.)
  5. Nanda Devi, Nauti (Mar.)
  6. Maithan, Maithan (Mar.)
  7. Bishwat Sankranti, Kamprayag/Nandprayag (Apr.)
  8. Bikhot, AQastyamuni (Apr.)
  9. Nautha, Adibadn' (May)
  10. Kaviltha, Kaviltha (Jun.)
  11. Naumi, Jasoli Haryali (Aug.)
  12. Bhaikal Mela, Bhaikalthal (Aug.)
  13. NandaDevi, Bedni Bugyal (Sept.)
  14. Nanda Devi, Lata (Sept. - Oct.)
  15. Krishna Mela, Joshimath (Nov.)
  16. Gauchar Mela, Gauchar (Nov.)
  17. Ansi Mela, Anusuya Devi (Dec.)

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