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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Rishikesh.
Attractions: Kunjapuri, Surkhanda Devi, Chandrabadini Temples.


This trek is for those who wish to see the Himalaya and do not have the strength or time to get a close view. Three sidh-peeths named after the Goddess Durga are on top of hills that are located at the three corners of a triangle.

The temples are:
1. Kunjapuri 1645 m
2. Surkhanda Devi 3030 m
3. Chandrabadini 2756 m

From each temple, the other two are visible. Each also presents a panoramic view of the mighty Garhwal Himalaya and the Doon Valley.

Each temple is approachable by motor vehicle and then by short treks of an hour-and-a-half each from the nearest motor-heads. The treks are not tiresome and much strength or stamina are not needed. Tap water is not available, except at Chandrabadini and, therefore, water bottles should be carried.

Each hill-top temple brings on a mood of meditation. Those versed in transcendental meditation will feel the vibrations of each of these holy environs.

The GMVN has a 4-day programme for the three places, taking in Deoprayag and Rishikesh as well.

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