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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Uttar Kashi or Kalyani
Altitude: 3024 m above Sea Level

Dodi Tal, at an elevation of 3024 m and north of Uttarkashi, has its origins in several natural springs, its crystal clear waters are surrounded by dense woods of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendrons.

Dodi Tal Lake, Uttranchal  The lake is full of fish including the rare Himalayan Golden Trout. The forest surrounding the lake is full of wild life. The lake provides an idyllic setting for rest and recreation such as angling, boating and bird- watching.

The trek for Dodi Tal commences from Uttarkashi or Kalyani, which can be approached by motor. Kalyani to Agoda is a gradual climb through woods, fields and villages along· a mule track. The trek from Agoda to Dodi Tal is steep and through thick forests.

This trek is open throughout the year, though in winters it is quite cold. For summers, a round trek is possible from Hanuman Chatti to Uttarkashi via Dodi Tal.

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Uttarkashi 1158 - H*, TB*
Gangori 1219 4 motor V*
Kalyani 1829 7 jeep V*
Agoda 2286 5 trek F*
Dodi Tal 3024 16 trek F*

* H= Hotel,  TB = Tourist Bunglow,  V = Village,  F = Forest Lodge

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