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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Mala
Main View: Kush Kalyani And Panwali Bugyal

This trek is along the old pilgrim route from Gangotri to Kedarnath. From Gangotri to Mala is done by motor vehicle. The actual trek starts from Mala after crossing the river Bhagirathi. The trek is on level ground up to Jauri-ki-Gad. From this point, the climb to Belak is gradual.

A Trekking Camp, Uttranchal  From Belak to Budakedar, it is downhill through very dense forests full of birds and wild life. Then from Budakedar to Panwali Kantha, it is an uphill climb through terraced fields and picturesque villages.

Though this trek, along ridges and through valleys and dales, is tiring, it is worth it. The splendid panoramic view of the Garhwal Himalaya is magnificent and compensates for all the efforts of ascending and descending.

The 'Bugyal' (alpine meadows) on this trek are the most beautiful in Garhwal, especially the Kush-Kalyani and Panwali Bugyal. In the rainy season, the colourful flowers in the lush green meadows make the whole atmosphere fragrant and the environment romantic.

There are rest houses and Dharamshalas along the trek, but the trek should be well planned beforehand. The services of a guide are advisable.

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Gangotri 3048 --- TB*, F*, DS*
Mala 1478 73 motor V*, DS*
Jauri-ki-Gad 1218 5 trek V*, TB*
Phyalu 2286 3 trek V*, DS*
Chunachatti 1463 3 trek V*, TB*
Belak 2439 4 trek V*, TB*
Pangrana 2203 5 trek . V*, TB*
Jhala 2439 4 trek V*, TB*
Agund 1981 3 trek V*, TB*
*Budakedar 1524 2 trek F*
Tolachatti 1311 4 trek V*, TB*
Bhaironchatti 2493 3 trek V*, TB*
*Ghuttu 1524 9 trek PWD*, H*
Gawanachatti 1677 1 trek V*, TB*
Gaumanda 2134 3 trek V*, TB*
Dhuphanda 2896 3 trek V*, TB*
Panwali 3963 3 trek V*, TB*
Kyunkholakhal 3658 4 trek V*, TB*
Triyugi Narayan 1982 7 trek V*, DS
Sonprayag 1829 3 trek TB*
Gaurikund 1981 5 trek TB*, H*, DS*
Kedarnath 3583 14 trek TB*, H*, DS*
* TB = Tourist Bunglow,  H = Hotel,  F = Forest Lodge,  DS = Dharamshala,  V = Village,

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