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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Rishikesh
Main Attractions: Shivling, Sudarshana And Thelu Peaks


This trek is for adventure lovers, who can experience mountain climbing, rock climbing, boulder-hopping and glacier traversing on this trek. Yet the trek is not a very rigorous one and is easily negotiable by healthy persons who are not mountaineers. The trek passes through woods of coniferous pines at Chirbasa and birch at Bhojbasa.

From Gaumukh to Nandavan, trekkers traverse along the Gangotri and Chatturangini Glaciers. Camp can be pitched at the junction of Chatturangini and Bhagirathi Gangotri Glaciers. From Nandavan the views of Shivling, Bhagirathi, Sudarshana and Thelu peaks and Kedar Dome are a fabulous sight.

The trek to Tapoban from Nandavan involves crossing the Gangotri Glacier and traversing a rocky face before arriving at the meadows of Tapoban (meditating ground), a green lush valley in the summers confined by the many named and unnamed peaks of the Garhwal Himalaya. Herds of Bharals (blue mountain goats) are a common sight seen on mountain ridges from here.

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Rishikesh 340 -- TB*, PWD*, F*, H*
Gangotri 3048 250 motor TB*, F*, PWD*
Chirbasa 3600 8 trek TB*
Bhojbasa 3792 4 trek TB*
Gaumukh 3892 6 trek TB*
Nandavan* 4500 6 trek TB*
Tapoban 4463 5 trek TB*
* High altitude trek to Badarinath bifurcates here
* TB = Tourist Bunglow,  H = Hotel,  F = Forest Lodge,  V = Village, DS = Dharamshala,  PWD = Public Works Department Rest House

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