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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Goraghati
Attraction For: Ornithologists

This is a cultural and historical trek in the Jaunsar-Babar region in the foothills of the stately Garhwal Himalaya, between the rivers Yamuna and the Tons.

A tribe known as the Jaunsari live in this region. Their customs and traditions are entirely different from those of the rest of Garhwal. The practice of polygamy and polyandry prevail among them.

The villages along this trek are worth seeing, culturally and architecturally. Clustered houses with tiled roofs match the environment. The trek is rich with flora and fauna and is particularly inviting for ornithologists.

This trek, also has historical significance. At Kalsi, also there are rock inscriptions of the Ashokan age in the Pall script. At Birat Khoi, there is a fort in ruins now. According to the Mahabharata, this fort belonged to Maharaja Birat. And at Lakhamandal there are ruins of the ancient palace the Kauravas made of lac for the Pandavas.

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Mussoorie 2004 - H*, TB*, PWD*
Kuwa 1090 69 motor V*, TB*
Goraghati 2310 12 trek TB*
Dungyara 1608 16 trek TB*
Chaurani 2180 17 trek V*, TB*
Biratkhoi 3080 5 trek V*, TB*
Kalsi 850 22 trek V*, F*
Dakpathar 790 6 trek TB*, PWD*

* TB = Tourist Bunglow,  H = Hotel,  F = Forest Lodge,  V = Village,  L = Loghut,  PWD = Public Works Department Rest House

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