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» North India
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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Rishikesh
Attractions: Kirti Stambha, Meru, Jogin Glaciers

Khatling Glacier, Rishikesh, Uttranchal  The Khatling glacier is a lateral glacier at the source of the river Bhilangana. According to legend, a celestial nymph tried to lure Lord Shiva. She was spurned by him and transformed into a liquid form. Thus originated the Bhilangana.

Sahasra Tal and Masar Tal are to the west and east of Khatling glacier. Nature has showered her rich bounty on the Valley of Bhilangana. The panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks and hanging glaciers, such as Jogin group, Kirti Stambha and Meru, are magnificent.

The whole trek passes through very thick forests and beautiful lush green meadows. In the rainy season, the meadows are ablaze with the colours of a myriad flowers. Trekkers on this route have to cross scores of small streams using the improvised log bridges

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Rishikesh 340 -- TB*, PWD*, F*, H*
Ghansyali 976 110 motor F*, PWD*
Ghuttu 1524 30 motor PWD*
Reeh 2132 10 trek TB*, V*
Gangi 2584 10 trek TB*, V*
Kalyani 2683 5 trek TB*, V*
Bhelbagi 3110 13 trek TB*, V*
Khatling 3717 77 trek TB*
Masar Tal 3675 6 trek TB*

* TB = Tourist Bunglow,  H = Hotel,  F = Forest Lodge,  V = Villlage,  PWD = Public Works Department Rest House

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