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Region: Garhwal Himalayas
Base: Tharali
Altitude: 5029 m above Sea Level

Roopkund is situated at a height of 5029 metres in the lap of the Trishul Massif. It is often called the 'Mystery Lake", as human skeletons and the remains of horses were found here many years ago.

Roop Kund Trek, Uttranchal  There are two versions for these remains; one, that they are the remains of soldiers under General Jorawar Singh's army which was on its way to Tibet, the other that they are the remains of people on a yatra to Trishul base about 200 years ago.

The lake, surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad peaks, is a magnificent sight. The starting point for the trek is Tharali, which is easily approachable by motor vehicle from Rishikesh.

There is also another trekking route to Roopkund. This one is from chat, which is connected by a motorable road with Nandprayag, on the main highway to Badrinath.

The route passes through lush green grasslands and conifer forests clinging to the slopes of the hills. The trek thereafter winds its way along the rocky face by the Pindar river. To round off this trek, you can approach Homekund by way of Shall Samudra glacier and then trek to Ghat or Nandprayag. For the round trek, the services of a guide are advisable.

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Tharali 333 - V*
Debal 1218 12 Motor TB*
Badri Gadh 1645 8 trek TB*
Mandoli 2134 3 trek TB*, V*
Lohajung 2133 1 trek TB*, V*
Badni Bugyal 3354 10 trek TB*, L*
Bistola 4667 8 trek TB*
Roopkund 5029 5 trek TB*
Jurighatindhar 5335 5 trek TB*
Homekund 4061 8 trek TB*
Sutala 2192 18 trek TB*
Ghat 1331 26 trek V*
Tharali 333 - V*
Debal 1218 12 motor TB*
Faldiagaon 1354 8 trek TB*
Mandoli 2134 9 trek TB*, V*
Wan 2439 14 trek TB*, V*
Gairoli Patali 3049 9 trek TB*
Patarnachauni 3658 11 trek TB*, C*
Roopkund 5029 10 trek TB*

* TB = Tourist Bunglow,  H = Hotel,  F = Forest Lodge,  C = Circuit House,  L = Loghut,  PWD = Public Works Department Rest House

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