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Location: Garhwal Himalayas (Uttranchal )
Established In: Hanuman Chatti
Best Season: Bandarpunch Peak, Saptarishi Kund

Yamunotri is primarily a place of religious pilgrimage. Hindus in large numbers visit the shrine of the goddess Yamuna here and bathe in the tank filled by hot springs. Devotees cook rice in one of the springs and then carry the consecrated rice back for those at home.

The route offers a glorious view of Bandarpunch peak to the north and fragrant orchards along the way. Saptarishi Kund, on the Kalind Parbat, at an altitude of 4421 m, is the real source of the Yamuna river. It is only 5 kms off this route, but difficult to approach with normal gear. Due to an acute lack of accommodation facilities at Yamunotri, pilgrims usually do not halt there and return the same day to Janaki Chatti.

Both routes, from Rishikesh or Dehra Dun converge at Barkot, a place of great scenic beauty, with apple orchards all around and the great Himalaya range forming the skyline. Actual trekking starts from Hanuman Chatti, the road to which is motorable. Buses ply from Rishikesh/Dehra Dun/Barkot.

Place Altitude (M) Distance (km) Accommodation
Dehra Dun 701 - TB*, PWD*, F*, H*
Barkot 1828 128 motor TB*, F*, PWD*
Hanuman Chatti 2134 34 motor TB*, F*, PWD *
Phool Chatti 2561 5 trek V*, DS*
Janaki Chatti 2567 2 trek DS*, PWD*, TB*
Yamunotri 3323 6 trek TB*

* TB = Tourist Bunglow,  H = Hotel,  F = Forest Lodge,  V = Village, DS = Dharamshala,  PWD = Public Works Department Rest House

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