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Built in : 1809
Also Known as : Kalighat Temple

The present temple was built in 1809 on the site of an ancient temple. It is also known as the Kalighat temple. It is on the name of this temple that English gave the place name Calcutta which is anglicized form of Kalikata. The legend says that a finger of the Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, fell here. Since then it has been an important pilgrimage site. But the temple is dedicated to the destructive side of Shiva which takes the form of Kali. She requires sacrifice daily to satisfy her blood lust so every morning goats are sacrifices on the alter of the temple. The temple is busy through out the year and is surrounded by poor who come to have free meal. The Hospital for Dying Destitute by Mother Teresa is near the temple and every one is a welcome visitor here.

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