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Location : Calcutta
Architecture : British Architecture
Built in : 1921
Built in Memory of : Queen Victoria

Victoria Memorial, Calcutta

An splendid example of British architecture, this building was built in memory of Queen Victoria and was inaugurated by Prince of Wales in 1921. The Memorial is based on architecture of the Taj and is built in marble. The wrought iron gates, the lamp posts, the brass cannons and the Statute of the Queen at the entrance every thing spells the magic of British monarchy and their grandeur. The memorial today treasures many paintings, attires and other items used by the British during their rule in India. This building can also be termed as the British museum. In 25 rooms of the memorial are kept around 3500 items which are related to Queen Victoria. In the evenings the light and sound programs is a major attraction for the tourists. The fountain of Joy in the premises of the memorial presents an atmosphere of memorable charm.

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